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Client, Prospect, Referral Source and Competitor Interviews

I often tell my clients that if they can do one and only one thing to enhance the value of their current relationships and to develop more profitable business, then client interviews is the one thing they must do.

General counsel and other clients express their surprise that their attorneys and their law firms ignore this fundamental relationship building tool.

When I talk with a firm’s clients, prospects, referral sources and competitors, I am amazed by the candor, depth, and value of the feedback I obtain!  While the news is often great, I occasionally have to deliver a tough message—but it’s always better to know when a problem exists than to assume that all is well.

The competitive intelligence gained from these interviews allows firms to have candid, productive and profitable follow-up discussions.  The information supports the development of strategic and marketing plans, of industry group plans, and of targeted pitches and proposals.

What you don’t know can hurt.  Someone is talking to your clients….shouldn’t you?