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The right speaker can inform, motivate, persuade, inspire and captivate an audience. The wrong speaker wastes more than the speaker fee and the valuable time of retreat participants—he or she wastes the opportunity to make a difference for the firm. Choose wisely!

Here’s what an audience of CMOs, consultants, marketing partners, and managing partners had to say about my presentation on client teams:

  • “7 (on a scale of 1 to 6)—showed her experiences on what works and what doesn’t.”
  • “Linda is the epitome of professionalism in our industry. She exemplified that again in the honesty and candor of her presentation today. She’s down to earth and by her explanation of her experience with client teams, has given me new energy and enthusiasm for continuing our process of client teams.”
  • “Great practical advice. Real observations of what works and where the challenges are.”
  • “Excellent tips and techniques! Fabulous presentation.”
  • “Great and honest - she has the best sound bites of anyone!”
  • “The Best.”
  • “Great passion and energy.”
  • “Great presentation; candid; upbeat; interactive.”
  • “Funny, honest and sensitive.”
  • “Balance of strategy, tactics and earnestness - she’s great and she covered nuts and bolts topics with grace.”
  • “Outstanding. So honest, approachable, authentic; she demonstrated expertise.”

Recent retreat presentations have included:

  • Interactive day-long presentations on marketing and business development to a Central American firm at their Guatemala City retreat
  • Networking and How to Work a Room—for associates at a 100+ lawyer firm
  • Effective Business Development—for partners and associates at a North Carolina firm
  • Business Development for Litigators—for litigation partners at a 100+ California firm