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Training and Coaching

  • How do you turn casual acquaintances into mutually beneficial business relationships?
  • What are the strategies, tools, and business development techniques that provide the greatest return on the investment of resources?
  • Which questions engage prospects and which turn them off?
  • Which prospects are most important to pursue?
  • What obstacles might you encounter in developing new business?
  • What would you do if you weren’t uncomfortable?

These are just a few of the things I cover in customized business development training sessions.  After discussions with key firm personnel to determine the focus of the presentation, I deliver interactive training—presentations, discussions, and role playing—sometimes including videotaped coaching, rehearsals of conversations, and practice exercises. 

As a trainer, coach and business development consultant, I help lawyers analyze the situations they face—opportunities and challenges—and help them uncover the actions and solutions that lead to personal satisfaction as well as to profitable new business.  My experience is that business development, when done well, is a win-win-win experience—the client, the firm, and the attorney all benefit from the results. 

My approach is to help attorneys understand themselves (their strengths as well as their reluctance to approach clients), to help them understand the mindset of the client, and to help them create a plan of action that is realistic and profitable.  I often work with my clients to develop timelines and metrics and follow-up with them to make sure they are on track. 

Clients tell me that they appreciate my insights, my candor, and my warmth.