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Law Firm Staff Training and Coaching

While attorney training and coaching for marketing and business development is an important part of the success equation, training for staff is often overlooked.  I offer customized staff training and coaching programs.  Topics often include:

  • Client Service—who are your clients and how do they want to be served; uncovering, discussing, and managing expectations
  • Communication Style Differences—using the I-Speak® assessment instrument to assess communication styles, we discuss differences in styles and how to adapt your communication for optimal results (for firms who wish to spend more time in understanding interpersonal differences,  the MBTI® instrument can be used—I am a CAPT® qualified administrator of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator)
  • Competitive Intelligence—how and where to gather information and how to analyze it, turning it into actionable knowledge
  • Practice Groups, Client Teams and Industry Teams—best practices and pitfalls to avoid in participating in and, where appropriate, facilitating group meetings
  • Team Administration—whether working with a pursuit team or a practice group, support is necessary for best results; how do you administer or manage teams in between meetings
  • Individual Plans—helping individuals support their group or team efforts
  • Presentation Skills—best practices in conveying information, for staff and for attorneys; supporting attorneys as they make presentations

Training is presented in interactive workshops and a period of proactive coaching follows the training.


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