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Communication—Presentations, Training and Coaching

Communication is a skill which can be improved with practice, so long as the practice is accompanied by feedback. 

For more than a decade, I have delivered presentations on various aspects of communication as well as provided training and coaching to individuals, groups and firms.

I work with individuals and groups to assess current communication skills and shortcomings and to discuss their goals for improvement and any possible barriers to success.  We explore the differences among communication styles and how to maximize results with each style, as well as review the impact of non-verbal elements of communication.  Training and coaching sessions include discussion and examples of personal style and gender differences in communication and tips for improving listening skills as well as conversation and presentation skills.  I often videotape several practice presentations, role plays and conversations and review the videotapes with those being trained and coached, providing constructive feedback. 

As a CAPT®-qualified (Center for Application of Psychological Type) trainer and coach, I am skilled in using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and/or the I-Speak® Communication Styles Assessment as a tool to help individuals, teams, groups and firms to understand themselves and each other, a process that leads to improved communication and heightened productivity.  People work best when they are well suited to the projects they face and when they understand the strengths and potential challenges likely to be part of their internal makeup.

I believe communication is the foundation skill for successful business development, and have made effective communication a personal lifetime learning and teaching focus.

A sampling of recent engagements includes:

  • Presenting business development and communications training and videotaped coaching at another North Carolina firm
  • Coaching a select group of associates at a large Texas firm on business development and communication skills, including videotaped practice sessions
  • Effective Communication For Business Development—presentation to a Texas firm


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